Greetings World!!!

Heya peeps! This is my first attempt at joining the online universe, so there will be changes and fine tuning as I go along. So bear with me. I mainly started this to get my work out to like minded people. I’m a illustrator and printmaker. I’m currently working on my first graphic novel. In addition to putting up random work I will be blogging about the process of making my book. My aim is to hopefully get feedback, as well as provide info to those who are delving into the world of comics and graphic novels. Not that I’m some sort of comic guru or anything, but as I’m learning I want to share my experience with anyone who wants to do this process but not sure as to where to

I originally got hooked on comics back when I was 15 years old….26 years ago. I had amassed a collection of comic books that was something over 4000 by the time I was 18. Much to the dismay of my parents, my collection was getting too big. So as a way to make some cash I started selling and buying comics. I brokered these books for a good few years and loved every second of it. I was also spending most of my free time sketching and doing my own work. This got me into the American Academy of Art in Chicago. I stayed for a year until my funds ran out and worked in a scenic background studio making backdrops for photographers and films.

I’ve now decided to push forward and self publish my own graphic novel. So here we are.

I would be interested in reviewing any other independent work as well I will be reviewing the tools of the trade.

So please stay tuned, I will be posting updates on the development of my book as well as publishing my own webcomics. You can follow me on Twitter and Google+ and eventually Facebook. And of course at this very place. Please send me a message, a illustration, photo or whatever.

Till next time. Have a good day!



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