Story Boarding and Scripting: Part 2 of 2

Hi all!

This is the second part to the Story Boarding and Scripting post. This post will look at scripting your comic book or graphic novel. Again I am learning as I go, and so with that said I will be providing the method I have used in working on my book. This is a very basic method based on research I have done to get me to this point. I have utilized the more “standard” way of scripting to a basic more stripped down method, as I’m doing the writing and artwork myself. There are plenty of resources online to work from, and doing the more formal way of scripting is probably the best practice if you are working within a team.

I am more of a “visual” person, so I did the scripting almost second to the story boarding. But I don’t believe this is standard practice in the development stage. However this worked best for me.

Below I have made an example of the script format I used when developing my book. I hope it makes some sense, but I’m always happy to clarify, so just ask. I inserted them as a Word Doc and PDF.

ExampleScript ExampleScript

So, as always I hope that this post is helpful to any of you out there developing your new master piece. Please get in touch if you have any questions and thanks again for checking out my posts.



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